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Sep 2011

Sterling. WIN a Chalet girl DVD and a pair of my socks!

In Chalet girl win stuff! By Aimee

Sterling socks are doing a promotion with Chalet girl! Get involved by going to the site and answering a question. It is that easy…  Which other pro snowboarder from the UK has their own pro sock with Sterling?? A: Tyler Chorlton B: Ken Boody C: Jamie Nicholls Send your answers to [email protected] by the 14th October 2011


May 2011

Behind the scenes at the Chalet Girl Premier

In Chalet girl Sponsors By Aimee

Back in February I was in London with Margot Rozies, Aline bock, Lesley Mckenna and the rest of the Roxy crew for the Chalet Girl premier, check out what went down behind the scenes!! It was a fun night, the After party went off!! Enjoy  


Apr 2011

Chalet Girl

So Chalet girl the Movie has been out in Cinemas all over the UK for a while now! And it is still out so go and watch it! Check out a couple of video’s I was lucky enough to get involved with the project, and here I took some runs with Felicity Jones. I also went […]