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Oct 2012

Roxy Winter vibes

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The season is coming up fast, check out some of this new season’s kit! That we danced around in on our shoot up at Mt Hood, Oregon! “Get into winter mood with this beautiful clip of the 2013 Fall / Winter collection by Roxy, featuring the lovely Aimee Fuller, Torah Bright, Kjersti Buaas and the […]


Sep 2012

ROXY My selection.

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The new Roxy European snow site is up! With all of this next coming season’s product on! I am really excited as this year I have my own selection on the website,¬† rocking the Valley Hoodie Jacket, so be sure to check it out, have a browse and also all of the new team Bio’s […]


Feb 2012

New Roxy podcast out!

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Pretty funny podcast just out from Roxy filmed on our trip to Canada last season! it was a good time! I am not normally this much of a keeno in real life! it’s a joke… enjoy


Jan 2012

Red Bulletin, Onboard, Whitelines, The Reason, Golden Ride!

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Stoked on getting this check out in the Red Bulletin. It’s a Global magazine that you can pick up pretty much anywhere!   5 Points ITW in Golden Ride this month. Roxy Snow Pro advert in the Golden Ride. 6 page progress report interview in the Reason magazine. Brits win big, in Whitelines with Jamie […]


Nov 2011

Roxy Podcast!

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SO here is the first Podcast from Roxy or shall we say… refreshment. che che check it. Stay tuned and check in for more throughout the season! You can see me at the start and flying across your screen doing a backie! So good to be home right now. 10 days. Longest since July! So […]


Apr 2011

South Lake Tahoe

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I arrived in Tahoe on Sunday night after a crazy journey, the¬†Highway to Denver was shut, so we took backroads! tons of SNOW and traffic, arrived at the airport at 5.30 and the flight took off at 5.55. Skipped the whole security, never ran so fast to a gate in my life. We made the […]


Mar 2011

Epic 1st day at Ms Superpark!

Yesterday Ms Superpark went off. It was my first ever time to Superpark and I am here staying at the Roxy house with Basa, Torah, Erin, Robin, Ty and the Jones is staying with us too. They have a really fun creative set up here. We flew in from La on Monday, stayed in Denver […]


Mar 2011

Awesome Awesome time’s in Canada!

  Just on the way back from the most amazing trip! I was out in Canada on a Roxy photoshoot with Torah, Kjersti and Erin. Erin was actually the one who hooked me up with Roxy 3.5 years ago, so really cool to be on a trip with her! Taking some Holiday snaps! We started […]