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Nov 2011

Roxy Podcast!

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SO here is the first Podcast from Roxy or shall we say… refreshment. che che check it. Stay tuned and check in for more throughout the season! You can see me at the start and flying across your screen doing a backie! So good to be home right now. 10 days. Longest since July! So […]


Sep 2011

NYC The Art of Flight Premier

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So I hoped on a plane across the country with Euro TM, Lesley Mckenna to NYC! after our Roxy shoot in Oregon. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Art Of Flight premier, so a big thanks to Roxy US, for inviting us along to join them! The movie was next level, and the […]


Sep 2011

Mt Hood. Oregon. It’s a wrap

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I cruised up to Mt Hood a few day’s ago! Crazy the amount of Snow up here still for the End of August / Start of September. It surreal to come back here, as this is where it all started for me 4 years ago! I was a camper on Erin Comstock’s session at Highcascade! and she […]


Sep 2011

Pranked. by Torah and Kjersti.

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So I went on my first back country trip, straight in at the deep end, Revelstoke Canada, with Kjersti Buaas, Olympian BRONZE MEDAL, Torah Bright Olympian GOLD MEDAL. Me = not so much of an Olympian haha. I had a blast!! and it was such a good learning experience. One Life, One Take; Bullshit! from […]


Mar 2011

Epic 1st day at Ms Superpark!

Yesterday Ms Superpark went off. It was my first ever time to Superpark and I am here staying at the Roxy house with Basa, Torah, Erin, Robin, Ty and the Jones is staying with us too. They have a really fun creative set up here. We flew in from La on Monday, stayed in Denver […]


Mar 2011

A fun week at X Games.

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Last week  I hung out in Tignes for the European X Games. Here are a few pics from the week, enjoy. Margot, Lesley, Me, Torah, Lisa, Kjersti Team dinner for Ville’s 20th. Gary cooked a mega Lasagne! We had a couple of signing’s throughout the week, this one at the Roxy store in Tignes Lisa […]


Mar 2011


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So I am out in Tignes for the European X Games , I am having a blast over here,  with all the Roxy girls and it is great to catch up with some British friends too.  I am 1st alternate for the slopestyle there are 10 girls straight to the finals on Friday, Really enjoying […]


Mar 2011

Awesome Awesome time’s in Canada!

  Just on the way back from the most amazing trip! I was out in Canada on a Roxy photoshoot with Torah, Kjersti and Erin. Erin was actually the one who hooked me up with Roxy 3.5 years ago, so really cool to be on a trip with her! Taking some Holiday snaps! We started […]


Mar 2011


Having an awesome time here in Revelstoke, it’s a really cool town, 2 hours away from Civilisation. It’s my first powder trip so a steep learning curve, lots of ragdoll front flips, but I am getting it! Today it is dumping outside so we are filming some podcast stuff, and then tonight we are heading […]